Patrick Mahoney

Representing ½ of the American hosts for the the Forever Mighty Podcast. A statsaholic, passionate Ducks fan and the self proclaimed leader of Hampus Lindholm fan club. If he’s not telling you how overrated goalies are, then he’ll probably be professing his love for Paul Kariya to you. He’s a very proud hockey dad. So when he’s not behind the mic or watching the Ducks, you can usually find him at a local rink with cheering on his daughter’s team.

Jason Lamb 

Obviously the best part of the entire Forever Mighty crew. A true American with an intimate knowledge of the goaltending art. Obsessed with goaltending, hockey in general and the Anaheim Ducks in specific. He is always educating Pat and Edward on the finer parts of the game. Anointed as the supreme leader of the goalies are better than everyone society. He is regularly putting theory to practice as a well traveled beer league goalie extraordinaire. Always trying to find the funny and positives in any situation but aware enough to know when to embrace the suck.

Eddy Jones

The Canadian contingent on the Forever Mighty Podcast. Brings an outside perspective to the show and usually finds a couple ways per episode to piss off Patrick and Jason. While most of his time is spent complaining about how cold it is in Canada or how late the games are on, he is a lifelong Anaheim Ducks fan can usually be found talking about the team in some capacity. Forever a member of the Barkov is better than Matthews group (sorry Pat) and likely to produce a hot take or two along the way… eh.

Kariya's HHOF Ceremony Game

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