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A podcast covering the Anaheim Ducks on a game-by-game basis. We are Forever Mighty! The Forever Mighty Podcast is hosted by four lifelong Anaheim Ducks fans: Patrick Mahoney, Jason Lamb, Stephen Dohner and Eddy Jones. The Forever Mighty Podcast, as it sounds, covers the Anaheim Ducks on a game-by-game basis. An in-depth analysis on everything surrounding the Anaheim Ducks that has featured guests from all different facets of the game, including: Max Jones, Trevor Zegras, Rich Hammond, Rickard Gronborg and more!


"Finally found a hockey podcast that is not only informative but fun! The group has such a good dynamic I feel like I’m listening to friends. Please never stop recording or else I might have to stop watching hockey all together!!!!"

The Best

"Love listening to these guys talk about Ducks Hockey. They give out honest opinions. Sometimes I agree with them and other times I yell back at the podcast when they talk crap about my players. But that’s passion hahaha. Keep up the good work fellas, #FlyTogether"

Finally a Good Pod Dedicated to the Ducks

"Great Pod that weeds through all of the other NHL happenings you can get from all of the other media outlets and gets right to it....Ducks Hockey. The guys are fun and passionate, and aren’t huge homers. They give honest assessments about the team I love. Good job dudes."

Testimonial source: Apple Podcast Preview

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